The Merlin instantaneous gas fired water heater never runs out of hot water. It will provide a continuous flow of hot water at the selected temperature, for as long as you need it. The Merlin 600E is free flowing and is powerful enough to run two showers at the same time.


The Merlin 600E has a thermal efficiency of 95%, making it about 36% more efficient than many storage type water heaters and 20% more efficient than most other instantaneous water heaters. With a Merlin 600E installed you can expect to save around $200 - $300 per year in gas bills, based on a household with five occupants, when compared with the annual running cost of a typical gas fi red storage water heater.
Merlin’s unique control technology provides close temperature control and ensures protection against the risk of scalding, in accordance with AS 3498-2003. This is an important safety feature, particularly for families with young children. Scald protection is achieved without the need for expensive tempering valves, simplifying installation and saving money while providing maximum safety.
Merlin has been designed and manufactured in Australia and is built tough to stand up to the harsh Australian environment. Its high-tech yet simple design is engineered to give years of trouble free service, without the need for routine maintenance.
Used as intended, the Merlin water heater is covered by a five year parts and labour warranty,
effective within the metropolitan area of the city in which the heater was purchased and first installed.